Why NOT Occupy?

We are organizing the Philadelphia Radical Convergence from June 30 to July 4—five days of workshops and actions.  The Philadelphia Radical Convergence shares dates with—but is in no way associated with—the Occupy National Gathering or the Occupy movement. We have organized the convergence to show that the Occupy movement is not the only voice of resistance in this country. This is a nationwide call to action. It is a space for those who have felt Occupy in its current form demonizes and excludes radical dialogue, strategy, and action.

The intention of the convergence is to expand the dialogue of resistance and the culture of dissent as it stands in the U.S.  Occupy lacks self-awareness and fails to recognize and learn from the history of the movements that precede it.  Occupy has worth in that it has lent leverage and support to already existing grassroots resistance.  Nonetheless, Occupy is short-sighted.  We are moving beyond the problematic 99% rhetoric.  The 99% is merely a vague description of wealth distribution—it means nothing more.  The concept of the 99% does not challenge the prison industrial complex. It does not challenge white supremacy.  It does not challenge war or the escalating destruction of the world’s ecosystems.  The concept of the 99% does not account for the burden that the U.S. and Western Europe are for the planet.  The real 1% is the so-called first world, the imperialist powers of the G20, the WTO, the IMF, NATO, and the E.U.

The Philadelphia Radical Convergence aims to confront the destruction of the environment, the prison industrial complex, capitalism, white supremacist society, war, poverty, sexism, class privilege, globalization, industrialism—not just banks and politicians.

Bring your affinity groups.  Facilitate a workshop. Participate in direct actions. Agitate, educate, network, and organize.


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  1. mike lee says:

    Damn wish i would have know about this before would have walkedto philly.

    Hopefully out of this dialog is a summary and discussion about the future. It is obvious that in some instances and dialog occupy to an extent is very hostile to radicals especially anarchist affinity groups.

    Y’all take care and always remeber to choose your targets wisely and to dck.

    Confusion To Our Enemies;
    Mike Lee

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  4. Paxus Calta says:

    This looks like an excellent event, we are coming and presenting on deconstruction privilege and patriarchy. And applied memetic design

    There will be at least three of us coming from central Virgina.

    Paxus at Twin Oaks

  5. Maria Brazil says:

    We have 2 folks who will be in Phila. from July 2nd to July 5th.
    We are curious about how we might be able to connect with you folks during that time. The Nat-Gat event is how we have gotten to Phila. but are hoping to reach out to other folks who are talking about decolonization…we are currently scheduled to facilitate a workshop Tues. July 3rd 1:30 at Independence Mall area.
    Are there other events that we might want to know about?
    Maria Brazil

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