If you are in need of housing, please contact us at housingshareradcon@gmail.com and list what kind of accommodations you will need such as if you are coming with a child and need housing, if you will need a wheelchair-accessible housing space, or if you have any other specific housing needs (mono-lingual non-English speakers? ASL? etc).

Please be patient while we try to sort the housing situations out. We will try to accommodate as many people as physically possible throughout the city, but this will take planning and scheduling. If you do not hear from us immediately, please do not worry. We will email you as soon as we have things settled.

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  1. John says:

    Hi my friend Germ and I are planning on coming to the convergence via caravan outta louisville or indy. We should depart around the 27th, which is when the caravan should arrive in those area and arrive on the 30th. neither one of us has been to philly before and saw this email for housing so wanted to make sure it would be available when we arrived. i plan on stayin until the 4th or for the length of the convergence then having family wire me money for a bus ticket back home or at least a city close to home.Germ may continue traveling with people he meets up with at the convergence. We dont have any pets and are drug free aside from cigarettes and beer but dont intend on partying. I’m a vegan but Germ isnt. I guess i am asking for help with a place to stay for those few days and help getting a bus ticket back home after its over. We wont need money just food and shelter and maybe minimal transportation around the city. thanks for your hospitality

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