We can’t put a convergence on alone, and we would like to have help. Coming soon, we will start posting a more comprehensive list of needs and wants for the convergence. Anything helps!


The things we need the most right now are:

  • Translators for workshops and events: Spanish, Arabic and ASL
  • We have a bail fund, so we would like to encourage people to contribute, in case the unfortunate arrest happens
  • Office supplies such as pens, paper, flip charts, etc to be used at the convergence space
  • Dry goods! Rice, beans, etc will be appreciated and willingly accepted at the Convergence by our food volunteers!
  • We are going to need supplies for the convergence here are some items we need – if you can donate any of these things we’d appreciate it. Email to give us a heads up if you can bring/drop off anything on the list.
    Big Paper ( Flipchart paper)
    Paper plates
    Utensils cups rags cleaning materials napkins
    NON PERISHABLE FOOD such as Rice, beans, etc
    Trash bags water/juice tea/coffee

Please contact if you are interested in helping out with these or more!